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Saturday, October 6

Today's CD

Okay, it's really last week's CD. But, since it is still in the car, I'm counting it as today! I wonder how J-Lo got so much skin time on the cover of this album seeing as how she didn't get much voice time. But, I guess it really isn't that much of a mystery. Nevermind.
ANYWAY, this is the CD I have wanted from Marc Anthony for the past three or four years. Amar sin Mentiras was disappointing. Very disappointing. Valio la Pena was better. It was a salsified version of Amar sin Mentiras. All of his English language albums after the first one have done absolutely nothing for me. I don't know if the first one meant more to him, or what, but the rest of them were just not hot. I would much rather listen to him in Spanish, where my understanding is far more sketchy, than in English with no passion.
But this CD......this one is on par with my favorites from him, Contra la Corriente. Or, the real greatest hits cd, Desde un Principio. From the moment I put it in I knew it was going to be one of those. Everything is perfect. Marc. The band. The rhythms. The horns. Everything. The Lyrics! Ha. What I understand of them, anyway. I can't speak highly enough about this CD. Truly, I can't. I'm not sure what the movie is going to be like. I almost don't even want to see it in case it ruins the music experience with bad Gigli-style dialogue. But, this cd....excellent. If salsa is your thing, go out and buy this right now. Yes, right now.


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