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Thursday, October 25

Today's CD

Yes, we all love Ella. This is a great CD with some not so great moments.
My fave: Blues in the Night sung by Ledisi.
WHO is this? I've never heard of her before (which doesn't really mean anything) but she is fabulous.
Honorable mention(s): Dream a Little Dream of Me sung by Diana Krall and Reaching for the Moon sung by Lizz Wright.
I even liked Natalie Cole's version of A Tisket A Tasket which is a song I detest.
My least fave: Miss Otis Regrets sung by Linda Ronstadt.
I'm not a Ronstadt hater, but there is just something about her interpretation of this song that was not......right. She tries to make it similar to Ella's version, but it misses the mark. I don't know what it is, I just wasn't sucked in.
Dishonorable mention: Lady is a Tramp sung by Queen Latifah. She can sing. But, again, she tries to hard to match Ella's version of this song that she can't help but fall short. This is a song that has been done by dozens of people, she would have been better off with a different arrangement.


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