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Saturday, November 17

Anachronistically Yours

I was watching S2 of Foyle's War (a former Masterpiece Theater that I'm sure everyone else has already seen) which is set during WW2.

I was all well and good until one of the characters (a police officer) read someone their Miranda rights.


I probably wouldn't have even noticed except for I had been listening to The Nine and they had gone through the Miranda vote and what not. So when I saw that on TV, it just really stuck out for me.

Now, not having any knowledge on war time Britain, I have no idea if what we call Miranda rights were standard over there already. Heck, I don't even know if they are standard over there now. Americans (like me) tend to think the way they do things are the way things are done the world over. Not true. Still, I thought that was odd. So odd that I'm still thinking about it nearly a week later.


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