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Saturday, December 22


It has been a long, long semester, folks.

I only had 3 classes, but 2 were very hard classes.

I didn't work any more than usual, but with Central opening, it seemed like I worked more than usual.

I think the "extra curriculars" took their toll this time around. It started off as working on a new collective bargaining contract (which I hope to be able to spend more time on now) and then a clerkship for a admin judge at the EEOC. That, by the way, has been the most interesting thing I've done in four years of law school. But, you know, it all takes time. And, under the best of circumstances, I am a HORRIBLE time manager. Just terrible. Under these circumstances, it quickly became catastrophic.

So, even though it is a little early to be talking about New Year resolutions, it certainly isn't too early to START them. Mine is going to be to become a better time manager. I must. It simply is not an option anymore.

But, all of that said, I think it was a good semester. I learned a lot of new things. And, once the final exam was mailed away yesterday, things got a lot sunnier. YAY Christmas!


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