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Thursday, January 31

We the People

So, I subscribed to the "We the People" podcast awhile ago. It is speeches/programs that are given at the Constitution Center in Philly. Fun times, right? While they all try and have some relevance to the Constitution, they are pretty pop culture-y as well. And, I hadn't been keeping up with said podcasts so I caught up yesterday on a couple of interesting ones.

"Law and Order" and the Constitution on TV which, really, didn't have much to do with the Constitution, per se, on TV. But, it did have great insight into the show and into the whole genre of cop show on tv. Very good.

Stacy Cordery on Alice Roosevelt Longworth The ONLY reason why this even picqued my interest was because Stacy was a history prof of mine in undergrad. Any interest I have in history now is because she was such an excellent professor. Truly. So, when I saw her name, I knew I was going to listen to it, even though I definitely do not share her love of all things Roosevelt. But, strangely enough, the damn thing was interesting! I'm not interested enough to read the book but I was glad to know a little more.

Lots of interesting topics on the page. Check one out.


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