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Sunday, December 14


Has it really been a month? How times flies when you're not doing anything! I have learned that I don't do "free time" very well. Besides looking for a new job, (and doing my current job) I haven't done anything constructive over the last 40 days.

On the job front: I think my official stats are: I've turned down one job and two interview requests. I've been turned down for two jobs and one potential job is no more due to budget cutbacks at the University. I'm glad I have a job right now, or else I might be really concerned! The search continues. One of my good friends was recently let go from her University job because of budget issues. Scary stuff.

In the meantime, before I was a librarian......or a lawyer.....or a resident of Indiana.....I was a musician. So, to take up some of my free time, I'm going back to music. Music lessons right now because I could definitely use music lessons. Then we'll see. That should be enough to keep me out of trouble right now.

What's new with all of you?


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