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Sunday, October 31

I stood in line for an hour

Yesterday waiting to vote. One hour. That was how long I stood in the line to get my ballot. Add another twenty minutes to that to complete the process. I hadn't planned on voting yesterday. I was walking past the City/County building and I figured I might as well go on inside. I was there. It was there. Makes no sense to just walk on by. Besides, Tuesday is going to be a madhouse and I have a very strict time schedule. And, I didn't want to deal with any assholes telling me I'm not registered, its not my polling place, I'm a convicted felon,.... whatever. Nice and Sweet and Tidy at the Clerk's office. Maybe that should be their motto.

Anyway, so there were some very nice people in the line yesterday. A lot of older people, and a lot of young-ish people. I didn't see anyone in the 30s-40s-50s range. Of course, that's just my opinion. There could have been some people there in all of those age ranges and I'm just a bad guesser of age. No one was complaining about the wait, which I thought was nothing short of miraculous. I did hear a lot of "I haven't voted in 20 years." or "This is my first time ever voting." And, we didn't get to use the cool new machines, so I was bummed about that. When I left, the line was even longer than when I started. I'm curious how the lines will be today and tomorrow.


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