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Sunday, November 21

Playoffs? Playoffs?!

People outside of Indianapolis won't get the subject heading. It was a reference to Jim Mora, former Colts coach. A news conference that will live in infamy. And we just kept seeing it over.....and over......and over..... you get the picture, I'm sure.

Anyway, today is a perfect example of why you should always check the football schedule before agreeing to work on a Sunday. Colts vs. Bears. Soldier Field. Come on! What was I thinking?! Surely, there should be some kind of "football day" that I could take or something. And, to add insult to injury, they have to be playing at 1! I know the Bears sometimes, 3:00pm games! Why couldn't this be one of them? But no. Its not. I'm relegated to Gamecast from NFL.Com So, kiddies, let this be a lesson to you. Always match the game schedule with the work schedule.

Speaking of relegation: I haven't posted much about Liverpool lately, but it isn't because I love them less. I'm sure you're all so very happy to know that. (read=don't care.) They've been winning without me posting about them, and everyone knows that sports fans (and players) are highly superstitious. I didn't want to jinx them. But, seeing as how they lost yesterday (2-0) to a suprising Middlesbrough side that has quietly lept up to 4th place in the table, I suppose I'd better get back to talking about them. I don't think they're really in any danger of being relegated. The bottom of the table is pretty full right now.

The weekend flew by as expected. That's another bad thing about working both weekend days. And what was the good thing about working both weekend days?


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