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Tuesday, December 21

The Great Civ Pro Final

Well, its over. As expected, I didn't remember everything that we had learned over the semester. But, know what? Everything we learned over the semester wasn't on there. So, last night I was sure my short (and undistinguished) law school career was over. It was the first time in any exam situation where I was left writing until the bitter end. On the other hand, someone got up and walked out after only 45 minutes. So, in light of that, I'm not feeling so bad anymore. I'm feeling much more positive this morning. Do I think I aced it? Well, I certainly hope so, but I doubt it. Do I think I passed it with a reasonably good grade? Yeah, I do. Do I still want that A? Yeah. I do. That's just how I am.

In other news....we're supposed to get 5-7 inches of snow tomorrow?! Instead of going home on Wednesday like I'd planned, I believe the trip is going to be delayed by a few days, and I'm going to be watching Farscape instead! I hope we're on the five end of that and not the other, icky, end. I mean, I like snow and all, but not when I have to drive in it! In some weird, freakish, Day After Tomorrow type weather pattern, we're getting snow and upper Illinois isn't. So, once I leave this part of town, it should be smooth sailing.

And, come visit over at Law school and other neurosis inducing endeavors where I've signed on to be part of a blogging tag team. Neurosis is great (and if you haven't been visiting his blog already you should have been.) But, this post was all I needed to see to know we were going to get along juuuuuust fine.


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