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Friday, February 4


I bought the couch! Yay. Now, I just have to wait the 3-5 weeks for it to be delivered. Of course, that means I'll have time to get rid of Mr. Futon (whom I have dearly come to love) and other various items of furniture (and crap) that I don't need. And find other things to buy. There are always other things to buy...

Speaking of, I also bought two pairs of shoes today. Buying shoes makes me a happy girl.

And I went to the huge fur-a-palooza that was going on out on the NW side of Indy today. It was one of thsoe sales they have out of the back of a truck....I mean, in a hotel ballroom. This time it was at the Holiday Inn at the Pyramids. (Bet all you non-Indy people didn't know we had Pyramids) ANYWAY, they had a lot of....interesting fur type things there but I'm just not that into fur. Sorry. Not a PETA thing, just a taste thing. I LOVE leather, though. Love it. Didn't buy a coat. I bought a hat for my Dad's birthday and a pair of mittens and a pair of gloves. PETA still wouldn't approve, even if I didn't get the mink the guy kept trying to get me to try on. Forget the fact that it would have dragged behind me like a mountain woman's bridal train.... fur coats are for tall women.

And now its time for LARC. Ain't Friday night fun? I love having Friday off. The only down side is that, as the day winds down, I start to remember that I have to work tomorrow...


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