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Monday, February 28

Medial Epicondylitis

I have this and it hurts. More commonly called Golfer's elbow, I think it should change its name. I don't golf. Librarian's elbow sounds much better, don't you all think? It comes from the repetitive motion of taking things off the shelf and putting them back on as librarians do when they are weeding things. In this case, the culprit is audiobooks.

The last time this reared its ugly head, I went to the doc and got drugs and resorted to RICE to make it go away. Rest, Ice, C.....I can't remember what the C stands for, and Elevation. I stopped weeding and it eventually went away. Had to do stregthening exercises to make the tendons stronger. Pain went away, exercises went away. I guess that wasn't such a great idea. Ugh.


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