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Monday, February 7

On the trail of gossip

Apparently, there are some people who think that the evening students are not quite as serious as their day counterparts when it comes to studying, learning, coming to class, blah blah blah. I have no first hand knowledge of the controversy that led up to this piece of gossip, but I wonder why the people who hold this view think that we are here.

After all, if I could go home every night after work instead of coming here, that would be great. I'm going to work extra early so I can get the time off come to class. I'm spending all the free time I have (outside of my job) reading and writing papers. Doing LARC. Learning, in essence, a new language. Why on earth would I be spending my money, taking on new debt, if I could take it or leave it?

Most of the evening people have children, families, lives....I don't believe that people are lax in their committment.


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