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Saturday, April 30

Good Luck Tax Takers

I only know two, but I'm sure they'll both come out alive.

Last night's Civ Pro exam was.....well, I hesitate to say "better than expected" because that surely means I'll come out with a shitty grade. I'll just say that I finished five minutes early. Unheard of. Last time, I was typing up until the very last minute. This time, I was packing up, and out of the room before he called "Time." Yay! But, that could also mean that I should have written more. And I was very surprised that Erie was nowhere on the exam...... (KIDDING!!!)

Well, now that its over, its time for Pancakes! And Liverpool v. Middlesbrough coming to a tv near me in 15 minutes WHOO-HOOO! A nice break before laundry (ick) and then Con Law (ick ick) later on in the day.


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