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Wednesday, April 13

MAC (daddy)

We took a tour of the Mayor's Action Center this morning. Its on the 21st floor of the City-County building and it was quite interesting. We chatted about calls that the MAC gets, and the people they get them from. We have a lot of the same "repeat" people. You know the type. When we mention a name and the other person rolls their eyes and knows exactly to know whom we are referring.....yeah, that's the type.

Anyway, they do a lot up there. The sad thing is that they had no idea that we do reference in the library. I know, that sounds strange, right? No brainer, right? Its amazing how little people know about what librarians do.

After the tour, we took a detour up to the 28th floor which holds the Observatory. Talk about a gorgeous view! Its an enclosed area (the elevator operator talked about it as her "penthouse" and it serves as a kind of mini-museum. There were reproductions of old Indy Star front pages the oldest from 1920s up through the 60s. There were other items and artifacts that I didn't get a chance to check out because I was too busy staring out the windows!

On the way in to the City-County building, someone was stopped because they had a pair of tweezers in their pocket or purse. And, once they had discovered it what was making her beep, she was told she had to either go back to her car with them or they would be confiscated. Tweezers? I missed the sign that said:


Tweezers? Come on. Anyway, the tour was great over all and I would love to go back and look around some more.


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