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Sunday, May 8

Jon Stewart......not the human beatbox

You know the problem with Jon Stewart? He is FREAKISHLY funny. I mean, seriously, seriously funny. Like, you watch him on tv, and you think "he can't possibly be that funny! He's got a team of writers that make him funny, he just has really good delivery." No. He really IS that funny. And I think this just perfectly illustrates why I detest sitcoms (for the most part) and comedy movies. They aren't funny. They certainly may sound funny when a group of writers are sitting around the table writing it, but.....not so much in real life. Jon Stewart? Funny.

If I would have been sitting closer, I might have asked him to talk a little bit about Tucker Carlson. That would have been good stuff. But, as it was, he talked about everything from 30 ft. Christmas trees (he's jewish) to a man fucking a piƱata. He talked about all the stuff you'd expect: Republicans, Democrat, Bush, Cheney (hilarious) Science vs. Religion, Extremism vs. Normalcy, and the fact that Indiana is flat. (He looked out his hotel window and could see his house from here!) He talked about when the Democrats might come back into power (after the Rapture) and about how much of an idiot you have to be to lose an election to Bush. He's a Mac user, a computer game lover, freakishly smart, and very, very.....normal. Which, from all I heard last night, may be the best compliment you could pay him.

Worth every penny, even though some woman with a very LARGE head sat in front of me. Oh yeah, he is pretty cute as well.


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