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Saturday, May 7

She's Alive.....

Wow, I haven't posted since Monday?! Where has the time gone. Since then, I've:

Flunked a Con Law exam
Engaged in a brief email flirtation with Cubs fan. (who is absolutely adorable)
Flunked a Con Law exam.....

Seriously, I have three college degres. Three. And this was THE WORST exam in the history of exams. No wonder Con law prof didn't hand out evaluations this semester. Not only did con law prof know we were going to say what we really thought of the class (and the teaching) but con law prof also knew the exam would be horrendous. Terrible. Bad. Bad. Bad. And, did I say it was bad? It was awful. But, time goes on, and Torts is just around the corner. One bad grade builds character, right? :o)

Its a beautiful day, however, and I'm going to see Jon Stewart tonight. I know, I know. I said it was sold out. That was the 7:00 show. A group got together and decided they wouldn't mind going at 10:00, so off we go! I am soooo looking forward to a little time off from studying (like, what am I doing right now) and listening to someone funny, not to mention kinda hot.

Brian, did you survive the mini?

Later, gators. I'm off to study in the sun!


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