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Saturday, April 30

How you know your study group doesn't read your blog

Today I'm listening to two people talk about the Star Wars geeks who were in town and I mention that I was there.

"You were NOT there!"
"Uh....yeah, I was"
"NO! You're not one of them!"
"Um....yeah, I am."

I know people don't read the blogs, but I guess I thought the people in my study group may have checked them out a time or two. And since I have mentioned it they must not be reading. I guess that's a good thing. But, if I would have known that, I would have talked about them more!

In other, uninteresting news, its a beautiful Saturday, its not raining, I'm going to AJoes for dinner, and I'm going to walk there from the law school. Doesn't get much nicer than that on a boring, study your ass off for con law, weekend.


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