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Wednesday, June 29

The flag *called me today and asked me to post this section from the US Code. He's very glad he's getting all this attention lately, but he would like to draw attention to all the other things that he shouldn't have to endure. (And yes, he's a HE. We talked about this at great length.)

Anyway, he would like to point out a few notable points (although he wants you to read the entire section here.)

(d) The flag should never be used as wearing apparel, bedding, or drapery. It should never be festooned, drawn back, nor up, in folds, but always allowed to fall free. Bunting of blue, white, and red, always arranged with the blue above, the white in the middle, and the red below, should be used for covering a speaker's desk, draping the front of the platform, and for decoration in general.

(i) The flag should never be used for advertising purposes in any manner whatsoever. It should not be embroidered on such articles as cushions or handkerchiefs and the like, printed or otherwise impressed on paper napkins or boxes or anything that is designed for temporary use and discard. Advertising signs should not be fastened to a staff or halyard from which the flag is flown.

* Okay, so the flag didn't REALLY call me and this is courtesy of BBS and her legal reference quizzes. Its much more fun my way, don't you think?


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