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Friday, June 10


I like stats as must as the next mathematically disinclined girl, but baseball takes it to a totally different level. I mean, seriously. I know, its my fault for even going there in the first place, but if you sign up with you can get the press notes for each time. I LOVE these. No, seriously. Naturally, I read the White Sox notes every game day. I also check out the Cubs (so I can harass Cubs Fan to the best of my ability. And seeing as how he is the one who turned me on to them in the first place its his own fault.) Then I check out whoever is playing the White Sox and whoever is playing the Cubs. These things are great. So, I'm checking out the Red Sox.... and they have a little section called "Red Sox Record when....." and there is a list of different scenarios. For example:

Red Sox are

23-9 when they score first
14-9 when wearing white jerseys
15-18 when wearing gray jerseys
3-0 when wearing red jerseys
25-8 when they score 5 or more runs

Don't say I never told ya nothing.

edit: I talk about Cubs Fan (singular) and Cubs fans (plural.) Since someone asked: Yes, Cubs Fan is a specific individual. Cubs fans are the whole sad lot.


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