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Friday, November 11

Hey there now

Good Afternoon, Bloggerland.

Happy Veteran's Day to all, especially the vets. Your service does not go unnoticed or unappreciated.

Today, the library had its annual In Service Day. Basically, we sat around and chatted with our buddies from other libraries that we don't ever get to see. This year, as opposed to in years past, it was only a half day. So, for the second half, the fantastic trio of PPC, BBS and I went to Buca for lunch..............which lasted until 3:30!

Lunch consisted of a two Lemon Raspberry martinis complete with sugared rim glasses. (there were two of those for me!) A sampler platter with fried mozzarella, calamari (ick!) and shrimp. Quattro al forno (yum!). A piece of cheesecake that was, thankfully, split between the three of us, and three Irish coffees to end the day. How on EARTH I managed to walk BACK to campus AND come to class is simply beyond me.

Yet, here I sit. I still have time to go home.......

I'm very, very sleepy though.....

update: I forgot to add that after we'd ordered all of that food, and those yummy martinis, PPC pulls out her grape Discover card and decides she's going to pay for the whole thing. God love her. Thanks! It was a happy "Happy Birthday" lunch (for me) and "Congratulations" lunch (for BBS) indeed!


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