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Wednesday, November 9

Fun Fun Fun!

Okay, I had a great weekend that I keep neglecting to write about.

Saturday: There was the Democratic Leadership Conference. It was at the law school and it was fantastic. There were Democratic leaders from around the state in attendance. There was much discussion about the issues surrounding the state, and ways to solve them. It was good to meet so many movers and shakers in the Democratic community, and it was very good to feel like I was doing something instead of feeling so......disgusted by our elected officials all the time. I met some very good people, was very impressed by a few, and I look forward to continued involvement.

Sunday: I went to Brunch at Puck's. Whoa. I'll say, right off the bat, that I have NEVER had mashed potatoes so good in all my life. Everything else was good too, but those potatoes are still on my mind three days later. Good stuff. Plus, one of my co-workers in a FANTASTIC piano player, and he plays every Sunday at the brunch. I believe he plays every Sunday. I'm sure he must get a Sunday off every now and then..... He's also very easy on the eyes in an Anderson Cooper kind of way. The food was fabulous, and I look forward to going back to try something off the menu.


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