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Saturday, November 5

Robin's sad tale of woe: Registration aftermath

Okay, it really wasn't that bad, I guess. I mean, it could have been worse.

I waitlisted Sports Law. I think I'm #10 or 11 so I don't really expect to get in. That's fine. I have until May 2008, so I hope it'll be offered again.

LARC III --- well, I had few choices. The one I wanted, which would have made my life very pleasant, was full. Natch. So, I had two choices. Take it on Tuesday night from 6-8 or take it with someone I'd rather not take it with. Rock, meet hard place. Hard place, rock. So, since my ultimate goal was NOT to have a Tuesday night engagement, I took door #2. Its only a semester, and I think I'll live.

Of course, when I was telling a friend about my choice, she got VERY excitable. And not in a good way. Told me to drop the class and run like hell. I'm made of sterner stuff. I can survive one semester.


Anyway, so that is going to be a day class. Getting the time off work won't be a problem so I decided I might as well take another day class since I had two more hours to fit in. Legislation was booked, soooooooo......... State Con Lawwas the winner. Its right before (or right after, I can't remember) LARC III so I'm there until 12 on Tuesday/Thursday, and then I have the rest of the time to work late if that's how I wanna make up my time. (the other option would be coming in on Saturday, which is fine too.)

So, the roundup:

State Con Law
Property II
Contracts II

Monday, Wednesday and Friday night (Contracts and Property)
Tuesday/Thursday during the day, done by 12.

Not bad at all, I suppose. Just.....not what I wanted.


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