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Friday, November 4

Pay your bill, dumbass!

that would be me.

I went to register (not at the appointed time, but an hour later because I forgot!) and found that while I could input classes AS IF I was registering, I wasn't REALLY registering. Classes deleted. Why?

Because, sometime between me having a big fat ZERO balance, and today, a $125 charge appeared on my record. The charge is legit, its for my parking pass. Silly me, I had just assumed that it was paid with all the other things like tuition and Recreational fees. Nope. Its a separate charge that just showed up a few weeks ago. The only time I go into Onestart is to check for grades, to register, and to check for grades! So, I had no idea I owed money.

I promptly paid the bastards, but the BLOCK doesn't come off my record until tomorrow. I'm really only concerned about my preferred LARC III class and, of course, Sports Law. But, its not devestating. I had contingencies (as you all know.) Still, I'll feel much better after I register tomorrow.

Note to self: Don't be a dumbass. Check Onestart more often.


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