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Friday, December 2

A busy day to be not working

I'm off today. Wow. Nothing sucks up time like doing....well.....nothing. Its a good time suck, of course, and I would hardly complain about it. Its just that, in order to not feel like I've done nothing all day, I have things I should do.

So far, this morning, I've managed to:
  • move my car out of the way of falling debris. Roofers are working around the apartment complex, and where I parked my car....well, that just so happens to be where they are working this morning.
  • Watch a little bit Tony Perkins' goodbye on Good Morning, America.
  • Read about 50 pages of my book that is NOT law related
Now its nearly ten, so I need to do some other things.

  • Go to Michaels and get candy molds. I hope Michaels still has them because that's the only place I know of, on this side of town, where I might find them. I'm really not in the mood to go all over town today.
  • Head to Krogers to get the makings for cream cheese mints. Tis the season, after all. I usually make more than just boring mint, though. Any kind of flavor/color match will do.
  • Finish Estates in Land problems before class tonight.
Let the games begin!


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