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Thursday, December 1

How very interesting

Apparently, someone was at the Colts game on Monday night and accused the Colts of pumping in artificial crowd noise.

Interesting. The Colts, of course, categorically deny this. Or, actually, what they said was that they "haven't done anything wrong."

Take that as you will.

I've been to the done probably six or seven time. Eight? Maybe. Anyway, its loud there, no two ways about it. So, I'm not buying it. But, for the past two days, that's has been a major topic of conversation on Dan Patrick show. Bob Kravitz was just on commenting on it. (He thinks its a non-story as well.)

Have I mentioned this week how much I love Keith Olbermann?

On Tuesday's DP show, they also did hilarious (and fake) Manning calls from the line of scrimmage. Great stuff.


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