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Saturday, December 3

World Revolves around.....Me

I'm a Wordperfect user.

yes, yes, let it sink in. I just prefer WP. Word is nice, but its not WP.

Only problem with that is: the rest of the world disagrees with me. So, while I prefer WP, I still have to use Word for most things work related and many things school related. The two worlds don't collide very often except for when someone asks me for notes in class.

I take all my notes in WP.

I sent someone notes on Wednesday, and didn't think anything of it. Until Friday when she asked me why she couldn't open them. She thought it was because she's a Mac user. Well, that could be. But, more likely, its because I sent them in WP format instead of RTF.

Really, why don't more people use WP? Its better, you know.


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