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Thursday, March 16

Monday -- Sweet

Fresh from four hours of sleep, I'm up. Two traveling companions are off at a time share presentation that I was supposed to go on, but completely slept through. Staying out all night makes sleep the priority. So, I go upstairs to the buffet and......its not so great. I mean, it wasn't nasty or anything like that, but it was definitely more average than I'd noticed on Saturday.

Most people have a problem eating by themselves in a restaurant, but it doesn't bother me. I certainly prefer to have company, but if its a choice between waiting for someone and not eating, or eating by myself......well, food wins.

So, I go back to the room and check out a little World baseball (more on this later.) when the time share tour-ers get back. One of them bought a time share. It was a really good deal, I guess, and you can use it anywhere in the world. That's great. We also got $100 in food coupons that we blew at the hotel steakhouse!

We did a little hotel shopping, and then got ready for our Monday night entertainment. First, dinner.

The steakhouse was great. The food was fantastic. The wine was good. Dessert.....nice. The prices....expensive, but we had $100 of it paid for already (it came out, with tip, to around $175.) The guys who couldn't be bothered to take off their NASCAR caps in the restaurant? Tacky. It said casual dress, so I'll forgive the t-shirts and shorts. Its Vegas. But, I'm sorry. Men who wear ballcaps in restaurants are my pet peeve. Its tacky!

Anyway, on to the mostly naked men! Hot. Hot. Hot. I met a girl from Purdue while standing in line for drinks, and two other girls from Illinois State. I thought it was funny that it was a group of midwesterners eyeballing the Australian hotties.

Bed for me, after that. The four hours of sleep was catching up with me, and I could barely keep my eyes open. For a last night in Vegas, it was pretty sweet.


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