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Sunday, April 9

Pretty Pictures

Soccer 365 Days This book is hella heavy, but has great pictures. All the great World Cup action that is wonderful for new fans of the me.

Oddly enough, now that the 2006 World Cup is only two months away, its funny think back on just how much I've learned about the game since the last WC in 2002. Then, I knew nothing. I do mean nothing. I had no idea who any of those soccer superstars were. I had no idea there was such as the Premiership.....let alone the Budesliga! Juventus? No idea. I knew Pele but not Beckham. No idea about Thierry Henry, Arsenal, Liverpool, Michael Owen, Peter "the Great Dane" Schmeichel, Roy Keane or any other player or league for that matter. I've learned quite a bit in four years but still haven't touched the tip of the iceberg. If you would have told me, four years ago, that I would grow to love watching this game, I would have laughed at you. Now, I'm watching matches (or 'fixtures' but never 'games'!) I'm following sides (but never "teams") I'm into standings, and tables. I can't wait to see who is being bumped up to the Premiership and who is being relegated.

I'll be cheering on the National team, of course, but I'll know players on the other side of the ball too and that is just cool.

Of course, if you haven't figured it out by now, I like to learn, no matter the subject.


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