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Tuesday, May 23

road trip!

except I'm flying.

My sister has to go to Ann Arbor for a class in July and she's going to be there over a weekend. Well, since I've never been to Michigan......I decided to fly up and look around that weekend with her.

Yippee!! I've been looking for somewhere to go this summer. Detroit isn't Vegas, but I've never been there.

And, more importantly, I just bought my Tigers tickets. SeanR had the great idea of a tour of ballparks. This is probably as close as I'm likely to get this season since I have precious little vacation time at the moment. Here's hoping they're comfortably in second place by the time I get there! Only bad thing is I'm getting there the day after the Sox leave. Can't win 'em all, I guess.

But, I know nothing else about the town. I'm flying in Friday, and leaving on Sunday. What are the must see/must do things? My sister has already informed me we're going to Motown something or other. (blah blah blah) What else?


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