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Friday, June 23

Has it really bee 20 years?

Since a kid from Maryland got the chance of a lifetime and pissed it (and his life) away the first time he snorted cocaine?

I think Magic Johnson summed it up best:

Magic Johnson: Three-time NBA MVP, 12-time all-star "I can't believe it's been 20 years. I thought he was going to not just be an all-star but make an incredible impact on basketball. But to leave us early and not have a chance to even put on that Boston Celtics uniform, buy his mother that house, brag to his friends that he scored on Magic and Dr. J and Michael Jordan. He didn't get a chance to do any of it. You work your whole young life to be drafted and fulfill that dream of making in the NBA . . . and all because you experimented with drugs. . . . I think it shocked the whole sports community. And unfortunately, I don't know that we've learned. That would be the saddest part, that we didn't learn and kids in our communities are still dying, still ruining their lives by selling it. Most of our black men in jail are there because of [drugs]. It's just on, and on." (from Washington Post)


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