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Monday, June 26


Good Morning boys and girls.

I know its only been a weekend, but it seems like longer, doesn't it? I couldn't motivate myself to turn on my computer all weekend. No, that isn't true. I did turn my laptop on for a few minutes on Saturday night-Sunday morning, but I couldn't do anything other than point and click. I didn't even bother reading my email. Brain cells were not working at that time of night.

I'm not sure they're working now, just so you know.

My big triumph of the weekend was that I remembered to buy paper towels at the store on Sunday. I have been forgetting for about the past month. Yay me!

My final wasn't particularly draining and I feel like I did okay on it. Mostly, I'm just glad its over and I don't have to go to class for the rest of the summer. But, I have to be very very careful not to confuse this with being done. I'm not done. I still have my advanced research class which runs through June. And while I don't have to physically meet on campus, there are still assignments, with due dates, that need to be done correctly and on time. Now I'll just have more time to do them.

Except the one that is due tomorrow. See what I mean about remembering that I'm not done?


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