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Wednesday, July 26

What goes up.....

So the high I was on because I had all of Series 4 of MI-5 to watch......yeah, that's over. I watched the last one yesterday and now that's it. No more. Series 5 startes this Britain. Maybe will put up each episode on Bittorrent......and maybe they won't. At any rate, I'm still SOL right now.

Sure, I could go back and watch a few of my favorites but that isn't the same.

Sure, I could go read some more books.....but that isn't the same.

Its like the how you feel at the end of baseball season......or whatever season you like. Or when you finish a book you really really like and then its over.

I'm sure I'll get over it. It just sucks, that's all.

In other news: I forgot my lunch today. You see, I thought I was going to the IBA to learn all about the law of Motor Sports. Lunch is included there, so I didn't bring one. But, that lovely event is TOMORROW, not today. So, I have no lunch. But, I do have some really good pineapple that I found just in the nick of time in my fridge. It said "best if enjoyed by 7-21" but its still pretty damn good today! And, its Buca night for a retirement party, so I don't wanna hit fast food for lunch. I think I might have some soup here. We'll have to see. My work pantry is just about bare.

Tonight or tomorrow, pics from Detroit. I had a GREAT time.


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