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Wednesday, September 6

Some people just don't like structure

So, we have a seating chart in class. In most classes, actually, but that's neither here nor there. ANYWAY, we have a seating chart in class but there is one.......person.......who likes to sit in other people's assigned seat.

So, people have signed the seating chart, come in to sit down, and see some idiot sitting there. The first time it happened, I thought it was just a mistake. He sat down in someone else's seat, and when she got there, she just found another place to sit. No big.

TODAY, he's in a different seat. Right in front of me, in fact, where these two people always sit. So, is it just a fun time?

Oh wait! The person on the other side just told him he had to move because he doesn't sit there. Ha! Its like geek street justice.

You know.....this is not a promising start to the day if this is the only amusing thing I can find in the world.

He isn't even wearing flip flops!


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