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Saturday, October 14

Yesterday's CD

Before me -- Gladys Knight. Love this CD. I'm never sure what I'll get when someone decides to remake the standards. Will it be like Rod Stewart or will it be good? This one is good. Even a song a don't particularly like, God Bless the Child, is done well. The only two songs on this CD that made me a little uneasy were "This Bitter Earth" and "Someone to Watch Over Me." The first one is just one of those songs where you hear it done by someone (Mikki Howard, in my case) and no one else ever sounds quite as good. Purely personal preference, and Gladys' version is pretty good too. The second song is just done soooo much that it almost grates on my nerves no matter who is doing it. Not her fault. The rest of the CD more than makes up for it.


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