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Tuesday, January 16

Strangely enough

I have been to the dentist the first day of Spring semester for the past three years. One year, I had a tooth pulled. That was not a fun time. Today, it was just a replacement for a temporary thingie that had come out over the weekend. The permanent thingie won't be put in until the 31st, so I definitely needed the temp replaced. Thingie is a technical term for something that isn't quite a crown, and I have no idea what the hell it is. But, it is held in place with some yummy tasting dental cement and probably won't come out now even in the event of an H bomb.

Oh yeah, and school starts today. I've gotten one of three grades so far. I'm just going to assume that I haven't failed.

Let's see....I also went and got my passport today. Hopefully I'm not on any watch list and I can go on my Spring Break cruise.

Do members of the military need passports when they are deployed?


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