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Saturday, January 20

Week in Review

First week and I've been to all classes at least once. A good group this semester. Interesting topics, and I have absolutely no complaints on the professors. You never known quite what you're gonna get if you haven't been in a class with someone before, but this semester seems to be all good.

Now classmates......that's another story altogether. There are some definite "personalities" that are going to grate on my nerves, I can already tell. It seems like I have quite a few "I know it all, you don't know shit" in my classes. This may very well be true (me not knowing shit) but your attitude makes me want to strangle you. And I know for a fact that its not just me. Because, yeah, we've already talked about you. It made me laugh, and the urge to strange vanished.

I also found out that another friend of mine is pregnant. There is something in the water, or something. That will be four babies in less than a year from people I know. Sheesh. Oh wait, that will be FIVE babies! (I almost forgot about my favorite rabble rouser!)

Ambassadair has a Superbowl travel package advertised on their web page. Now me, I would think that would be a jinx. But, what do I know. I would LOVE to be able to go.....especially if it is a Colts/Bears superbowl. I wouldn't even mind being a Bears fan in a sea of Colts long as its a sea of good natured Colts fans. Most of the ones I know are good natured. There are a few real asshole fans in every camp, though. Kevvy is right about that. I met a few in my Sports Law class on Thursday, but I digress....... If anyof you have a spare 4-6k to loan me for the trip, please go here and sign me up! It does look really fun.

And in the isn't that interesting category: I was reading the Sports Business Daily (which is now required reading for class. I LOVE that!) and came across this footnote:

STEELE THE SHOW: Sage Steele, who has been on Comcast SportsNet Mid-Atlantic since its April ’01 launch, has joined ESPNews as an anchor. She will also appear as an anchor on “SportsCenter” (ESPN).

Now, I must confess, I was only curious because I was making fun of her name. It totally sounds like a romance novel or soap opera name. Anyway, so I googled her to see who she was and it turns out she's from Carmel! How 'bout that.

Oh yeah, and Liverpool over Chelsea 2-0! That is huge. HUGE. In fact, it's even bigger than that. Makes the Arsenal-Man U match tomorrow even more important. Arsenal is 4 points behind us so they can't catch us with a win. It would put them closer, though. (duh.) A loss would also keep Man U from gaining any more points at the top of the table, and pulling farther away from us. A draw would be the best result, I think. Arsenal would get 1 pt. leaving them still 3 pts back, and Man U would get 1. I don't know. I wasn't even going to watch tomorrow because I have a Circuit City errand to run before the Bears game, but I may have to readjust the schedule so I can see the match. Yes, it is that important to me. I'm sure it's that important to you too.


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