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Monday, October 15

Did somebody say.....

Fall Break???

Yes, Indeedy!

I spent the day in bed yesterday, trying to rid myself of this pesky cold. It probably would have gone better for me if I hadn't gone out to the library gala on Saturday night. But, I did. I should have been sleeping. But, I wasn't. I shouldn't still have this cold. But, I do.

Anyway, while in bed, I caught up on Mad Men on Tivo. KP, tell me why I love Don Draper. I know I'm not supposed to. I know he can be oh so bad. But.....dammit. I love him. I wanted him to hit Pete Campbell with a shovel and bury him in the backyard.....but I love him anyway.

I also thought that even though Cooper is a weird eccentric old man, he should have cared a little bit more about Pete's big revelation. I don't know. I just didn't find that all so believable. Especially given how he's the reason Pete is still there in the first place.

Love Don Draper. Did I mention that? Such a great show.

Spooks MI-5 starts series 6 tonight. Being in the states, we get it a day or two late. Still, another hour of tv computer watching.

Shows I'm breaking up with: Dancing with the stars: I haven't watched a full ep of this yet. I watch if I remember, but I don't Tivo. Time to cut the cord.

Shows that are breaking up with me: I heard a rumor that Journeyman was in danger of being cancelled? Breaking my heart.

Shows that I can't quit: Stargate Atlantis. I have to admit, it had been good so far this season. I really think cancelling Stargate helped, the better writers either jumped over to Atlantis, or had more time to focus on Atlantis.


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