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Sunday, November 18

Vanilla Challah rocks my world

Hoaglin's was the site of today's breakfast. Usually, when I've been there, it has been for lunch. Today, though, it was breakfast. They do a good morning business, too. I was surprised to see the place stayed nearly full the entire time we were there.

Anyway, they had Vanilla Challah french toast. Delicious. I didn't get it, but I had some of someone else's and it is definitely on my to do list.

I did have white pumpkin spice latte. Equally delicious. If you're looking for a good breakfast place, I recommend it.

My next question though: When did it get to be 3:30?!

Oh yeah, and I finally decided to do something with my facebook page. And I found someone on there that I haven't spoken to, literally, since a few years after high school. That alone was worth the (free) price of admission. I love re-connecting with folks!

Hope everyone else is having an equally productive Sunday.


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