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Tuesday, July 27

Stateside Reds

Well, Liverpool won their first stateside friendly against Celtic.  5-1.    It seems they are playing a more aggressive type of football and this suits me just fine.   What doesn't suit me just fine is that I will see absolutely 0 of their games here in the States.     Why is it that they're not coming to Chicago?      Anyway, of course I'll be following all the action online.   Later, pics will be posted.   I'm sure you're all waiting anxiously for those!  

What has me a little bit nervous, though, is this tidbit from Milan Baros.    Bringing in Cisse appears to have been a stroke of genius, but that does leave Milan as odd man out.  I don't want him to go.   He's brilliant, and I think he just reinforced his brilliance at the Euro tournament a few weeks ago.   And, yes, the article does say that he is interested in staying, but that doesn't do a lot to ease my mind.    All in all, the boys played well against Celtic, and I'm glad to hear they are excited about the season.    I'm excited about the season too!  

In other Reds news, El Hadji Diouf received a rude awakening from his club.   I'm thinking that not being assigned a squad number is a definite bad omen.  

Will Michael Owen finally sign a contract?  

I understand that "everyone starts from scratch" mentality of a new manager, but it seems a little ludicrous to me that John Arne Riise feels he has to fight for a starting place.     Riise is one of my favorite Reds and I'm not worried for him.   Just annoyed. 

And Elsewhere around the Premiership:   The main bit of "will he/won't he" gossip concerns Patrick Viera, and now Sol Campbell?   Or is that just a bit of wishful thinking on my part.   The rumor is that both of these Arsenal headliners  may be packing their bags and moving to Spain to play for Real Madrid.    Now, personally, this would be EXCELLENT news for every premiership team if this were true.   In fact, I think I would get up and do a dance of job.   I might do one now anyway.   But, I don't think its really gonna happen.   If I understand this right, (and its completely possible that I have no idea what I'm talking about) Arsenal has the right to simply refuse any bids for Viera.   They would be crazy to let him go.....unless they were offered mega bucks.   Mega.   Sooooooo, the drama continues.  Don't worry.  I'll keep ya'll posted.  

And for all of you who think this football/soccer talk is boring, I have it on good authority that football is sexy!    (So there!)


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