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Tuesday, December 28

One thing I've learned

People just don't understand about law school. I guess I didn't really understand about it either, before I got here, so I can't really blame them. Can I? I suppose not. Its just ANNOYING when people say things like:
"I'm sure you aced that exam." Uh....probably not. Are you even listening to me when I talk?
"You studied didn't you? Then you got an A." Well, I assume everyone studied. Did we all get A's?
"It can't be that hard. You just read a lot. You like to read." Well, this is partly true. I do read a lot....

So, they kind of just dismissed it, which was ok because I really didn't want to talk about it anymore after all of that. Its nice that they have such confidence in me, but false confidence isn't really all that helpful. At least I only heard "You're gonna be rich" a few times. After I went through all the denials about how I'm not going to be rich, and blah blah blah over Labor Day, now I just say "Yeah, I am. I already have my Mercedes on order." It shuts them up. Its what they wanted to hear, I guess.


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