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Woman's virtue is man's greatest invention --- Cornelia Otis Skinner

Tuesday, December 28


Christmas was good. Christmas dinner was ESPECIALLY good. Hey, I know all about priorities! I kept one step ahead of or behind the snow at all times. It was nice being in a car that I didn't have to worry about. I got presents, I gave presents. I got two see my two cousins who just moved back to Illinois from Maryland. These are the two closest to me in age and we kind of grew up as siblings since we lived a few streets over from each other growing up.

I had to listen to my aunt complain about how I'm "ALL the way over there in Indiana." Give me a break, huh? If you can drive there and back in one day, its not that far.

Even with that complaining, though, it was still good. After all, she's only complaining because she wants to see more of me, right? I suppose that's a good thing.

Oh yeah, it was some kind of torture watching the Raiders/Chiefs with all those people rooting against the Raiders simply because I was rooting FOR them. That Dante Hall.


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