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Wednesday, December 22

Welcome from the Land of Lincoln

So, I had pretty much decided I wasn't going to come home to Illinois today because Indianapolis was supposed to be hit with a mega snow storm. I woke up this morning, flipped on the news, and saw all the icky highways and snuggled back under my covers. It was going to be a day of Farscape for me, thank you very much.

Around 9, I get up, look out the window expecting to see pretty white snow. Nothing. Nada. I rub my eyes (honestly) and look again. Dry. Dry. Dry. I turn on the tv, the news is just going off, and the weather man is marveling at how different the weather was around the 50 mile I-465 loop. On the southeast side, they had 4 inches of snow already. On my side, the northwest side, not a flake. Well, I knew the snow wasn't coming from the way I was headed, so I decided I might as well get while the getting was good. I was amazed that it wasn't snowing yet, but figured this was my teeny tiny window of opportunity, so I hastily packed everything and hopped in the car. I didn't see a bit of snow the entire way, but when I got here I was amazed at how COLD it was. Living in Indiana has made me a wuss when it comes to real winter. Temp is 11 and, with the wind chill, its -4. It feels like -4 period.

I'm not celebrating the end of finals in Puerto Rico because........


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