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Thursday, February 10

Indulging my inner geek

Someone told me the other day that they had read the 1st six issues of Joss Whedon's tenure at the helm of yet ANOTHER X-Men book, and that they'd really liked it. Me, I had completely forgotten that Joss was taking his turn writing the X-Men. After a lot of years of reading, and becoming thoroughly disgusted and burned out by all things X, I tend to block out the entire Marvel Universe. But, deep down, I do love the characters and, of course, I heart Joss Whedon, so.....

I bought. I did. I couldn't help it! It was predestined, really. And, it was good! Amazingly good. Astonishingly good. (Hence, Astonishing X-Men....) I would recommend it to anyone, even those of us who were completely FED UP with the thousands of X-Men books that were only there to pick our collective pockets. My inner geek is happy now, but JW is only supposed to write for 12 issues. Number 8 comes out next week. No one else (save for maybe, MAYBE, Chris Claremont) will be able to do what Joss has done with these characters. If you've seen Buffy, Angel or Firefly, you know what I'm talking about. The man has a gift for character and the same gift that makes his shows so good have infused new life into an old, tired, and overly exposed comic.

If Joss leaves the book after issue 12, I probably will too. But, I'll be disappointed.


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