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Sunday, February 13

Ungrateful, Biscuit eating, son of a bitch

That's the best line I've heard on tv in a loooong time. Of course, I don't really watch much tv these days. That was from Law & Order: Criminal Intent. I love this show, and I love it even more now that Chris Noth is back in the L&O franchise as Det. Mike Logan. I'll take Mr. Big on tv any way I can get him, but this is a very, very good way.

I also watched about an hour of the grammys this year. I haven't watched since......I don't know when. These were my observations:

  • Picking between the best R&B male vocal was like picking between my favorite children. Aside from Usher (ick!) there was Anthony Hamilton's Charlene. I love that song. Love it. Prince's Call my Name, R.Kelley's Happy People and Brian McKnight's What we do here. I was really rooting for Anthony Hamilton, but happy with Prince's win.
  • Queen Latifiah had on an ugly red dress.
  • Alicia Keys made me actually like that overplayed, overhyped song that I hear at least once a day. She's an amazing talent. And her duet with Jamie Foxx was superb.
  • I usually love U2, but I was very underwhelmed by their performance.
  • I'm not a Jennifer Lopez basher. I think she's gorgeous, I like her movies and I think she sounds ok. But, I am a HUGE Marc Anthony fan, and those two should never sing together. His voice makes hers sound bad. I like this duet better than No Me Ames from an earlier album, though. But, like most Jennifer Lopez songs, she sounded better recorded than live and in person.


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