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Monday, November 14

Good Morning!

Never take all the CDs out of your car. Let this just be a warning to you. I did this on Friday, and I wasn't really in my car over the weekend because I was driving my sister's car. On Monday morning, though, I was desperate for a CD. I reached into my reserves (my glove compartment) and found two. Two that I like, but not really what I was in the mood for. I'm used to having more choices than that.

Speaking of the weekend, Saturday my dad, sister and nephew came and we were going around town running errands. We came to work, that was a good time. Then we went to the law school. That was a good time. Then, off to Glendale for fall fest. That was fun. Then, off to Charlestons for dinner. The only time that I eat at Charlestons is when company comes. They all love that place. Then, off to visit the sweet Marsh up at Trader's Point. Then, finally, home. Home. Home. Home. Lots of TV watching, and watching everyone drop off to sleep.

Sunday, we went to brunch at the Savoy. I must say, the food was good. It wasn't fantastic, but it was good. The service.....was a little snobby at first. Part of it was my fault, I suppose, because I had made reservations, and more people showed than I thought they would. But, still, it wasn't like I added 10 extra people. They seemed a little put out. But, they warmed up, and everyone had a WONDERFUL time.

Around 1:30 ish, the Colts were on, and everyone was filing out the door back to Illinois. They wanted to be sure they gave me lots of time to study. (gee, thanks!)

Great weekend. Hope everyone had an equally good one.


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