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Friday, November 11


Crazy Story #1: Do people actually read those user agreements that are necessary for downloading nearly anything?

Prof. Wilson asked that in class tonight, and three people (out of 80) said that they read those things EVERY time.

Really? Every time? Even he said he's just an "I agree" clicker.

Crazy Story #2: So, I have to get up (and out) way too early this morning to get to the Hyatt downtown. I had agreed to pick up one of my co-workers. Both of these events required me to stop at the gas station beforehand.

Dammit. It was a little chilly this morning. But, of course, not cold enough for me to wear a coat. I had on a sweatshirt AND a turtleneck. What more do you people want?!

Anyway, so, I'm watching the dollars tick away on the pump, and I notice this woman sitting in an SUV at the pump next to mine. She's watching me. But, I'm too busy hiding my hands in my shirt sleeves to wonder what the heck she is doing. Pump finishes (20.81) and I replace the nozzle, put the cap back on my tank, gather my receipt, and get back in the car. While I'm futzing with my seatbelt, and finding a place for my purse to sit that won't be up my passenger's rear end, I notice that SUV woman gets out of her car and starts to pump the gas.

She was waiting for me to finish pumping my gas before she got out of her car? This is the kind of thing that would have made my dad say she was scared to be out in semi-darkness next to a black person.

I won't say that. I'll just say its suspicious. It's like when the woman at Marsh grabbed her purse to her, and glared at me, when I went by her with my cart. I'm fairly sure I hadn't robbed her, although there were those tequila nights as an undergrad that I don't particularly remember......


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