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Sunday, March 19

Hulk Smash Brackets

Well, its like this:

The D.C. region is kicking my ass. Illinois losing was the last straw for me in that bracket. I had them going to the final four. Oops. If UConn and North Carolina win today I can still pick up a few more points. Overall, though, I'm done in D.C.

Atlanta is my second worst. I need an N.C. State win to keep myself respectable in Atlanta. Duke needs to keep winning too. Just thought I would mention that, in case they are listening.....

Oakland.....I'm not doing so bad there. I had Kansas going to the final four, so obviously I botched that. But, I have UCLA and Gonzaga in the sweet 16 and if Memphis wins today, I'll have 3 out of 4 in that region. Not bad.

Minneapolis.... I'm damn near perfect. The only team I've lost in this region so far is Wisconsin. So much for Big 10 loyalty, eh? That'll learn me! I had them losing this round to Villanova anyway, so if Villanova takes care of business against Arizona and Georgetown takes out Ohio State, I can be perfect here again.

That's all I'm really looking for. One little spot of perfection.

Despite my pitiful brackets, this has been a pretty exciting first (and second) round.


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