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Thursday, March 16

Tuesday -- There are no words

Tuesday starts off great. I'm sleeping. This is always a good thing. One of the travel companions says she is going out and she'll call in a few hours. Great. Bye-Bye now. Its too early for thinking, let alone walking. I roll over and pick up the zzzz's where I left off.

When I wake up and get ready, the other travel companion is just waking up. I tell her what first travel companion said, and then tell her I'm going upstairs to Krispy Kreme to get donuts. She asks me to get her some, and some coffee. Let me say that again. She ASKS me to get her some and some coffee. Pay attention, that will be important later on. I realize that my phone was turned off (and if travel companion was trying to call I wouldn't have heard it) so I turn it on and find out that my sister has called me twice so I call her back and start off in search of Krispy goodness.

When I get back to the room, both travel companions are there and they inform me (as I set down a dozen donuts) that they're on their way to the buffet.

Now, my phone does work. You think they might have called me to intercept the buying of donuts. Nope. You might also think that the one who ASKED me to buy her stuff, would decide to actually eat it since it was already bought.

You might think that going to breakfast at 10:30 (not counting the long ass line) when checkout was at 11 was probably not such a great idea.

Well, if you thought any of those things, you'd be thinking like me. We are not in the majority. So, they go off to the buffet (after being VERY patronizing and each taking half a donut) and I eat some and trash the rest. I hang out with ESPN until 10:55 and then go down to wait for the shuttle to the airport.

Waiting for shuttles is PRIME reading time. (oh come on. Of COURSE I took a book! I'm a geek. You all know this. Don't act surprised.)

Anyway, the shuttle was supposed to come around 11:50. Early, since our flight wasn't until 3, but I guess they wanted to make sure we got there early, and we weren't their only passengers. So, you would think, around 11:30 the traveling companion holding our shuttle ticket would show up.

You would think that around 11:45 the traveling companion holding our shuttle ticket would show up.

Shuttles come, shuttles go. I have no idea which one is ours because......that's right, I don't have our shuttle pass. So, even if one of them WAS ours, I couldn't have ridden it. I call said traveling companion and leave two, VERY SHITTY voice mails.

You would think if you knew the shuttle was going to be there at a certain time, and you weren't there you would do one of the following things:
  1. call the person waiting to let them know you were on your way (with the shuttle voucher, no less.)
  2. turn your FUCKING PHONE ON

None of those things happened. They finally show up around 12:15ish. Shuttle comes around. I'm so glad they were running late. How nice.

I can't even BEGIN to say how pissed off I was. You know what? Screw around all you like when you have plenty of time and nowhere to be. I don't care. I'm not your mommy and I don't need to know where you are. You're all big girls. We all have cell phones so we can keep in touch if need be. But when you have one travel voucher for three people and you know you're supposed to be waiting at a certain time, you'd better fucking be there. That is the most rude and irresponsible thing I have ever experienced from two people who are supposed to be grown ass women.

Plane ride back was smooth. I finished one book and started another. I got back around 12:30ish and, as I promised I would, watched 24 that night so I could discuss with my sister on Wednesday morning.

All in all, Vegas was great. I'd go back in a heartbeat.


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