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Monday, April 10

Check me out

The Little Bit Naughty Book of Sex Positions. You know, sometimes people can just get a little too pleased with themselves. This was 96 pages positions. About 85 of them were redundant or kind of.....impossible. Okay, not impossible. Improbable? I say, stick to the positions you find in porn and you can't go wrong! Ha. Check it out if you like, but this is definitely what the library is for. No way should anyone actually BUY this book! (and 4 out of 5 copies are currently checked out!)

Speaking of porn.......

The Other Hollywood: the uncensored oral history of the porn film industry. Yawn. No, seriously. This is one of those books that looks good in theory, but is lame is reality. I didn't read it all. It didn't hold my interest. Its bascially snippets of conversations with people in the porn film industry. There are more copies checked out than not checked out, and its not like its a new book. Maybe they're getting the point of this book, because I thought it was a waste.

It was a bad book weekend, basically, and I wasted time I should have spent reading Property.

Moon called by Patricia Briggs. This was the best of the weekend lot, but.....that isn't really saying much. It had the potential to be good. It did. Parts of it were good. They were. It seemed like she was trying too hard to have "cool" characters, though, and there were too many. Some people can juggle the huge casts and give everyone equal time and keep you interested. Laurell K. Hamilton started off doing that very well, although even she has fallen off the mark quite a bit lately. Briggs doesn't pull it off. I liked some of the characters, though, so I might be curious to read the sequel (of course there is going to be a sequel) but it wasn't the best use of my time.

And then I come across this blog posting which goes to show why book reviews are such complete bullshit. Both of us could be right, or neither of us.


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