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Friday, April 14

I hate to be wrong

Good thing it doesn't happen very often! It did today, though, and I have no problems admitting that I found it disturbing.

I had lunch with the fabulous SJ and we were discussing many topics. One of them happened to involve a person we both have a passing acquaintance with. "Passing acquaintance" means, in this case, I could probably pick the person out of a lineup.....if the names were underneath.....maybe. Anyway, the conversation went something like this:

ME: I always thought ________ was ok. I mean, right wing, sure, but not like the rest of Wingnuttia. Ya know?

SJ: gives blank look as if to say "Are you crazy?!"

ME: what? No?

SJ: Let me tell you a thing or two, girlie.

After which she launches into a story where she did, indeed, tell me a thing or two I didn't know. Turns out that Wingnuttia is exactly where said person resides. And not in the suburbs either, but right in the middle of town. If not mayor, certainly a council person. I always think I'm a good judge of character, but my radar was way off the mark on this one.

Which leads me to ask: Why are people so shitty? You know, I really don't understand.

I wasn't wrong about my scratch off lottery ticket, though. I paid $5 and won $40! Yippee! $20 of that went into the gas tank (since I redeemed at a gas station it seemed to make sense) and the other $20 was all mine! MINE!!


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